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Charity Funds

The Rawai Pool League proudly supports the following local charities in Rawai and Phuket.

Charity Box Collection - Next Collection Tuesday October 2nd, 2018

The collection of money from charity boxes takes place on the first Tuesday of each month at the Colombo Bar between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

In case of non-availability, please contact Eric to schedule an appointment (message to 082 804 3101 or by messenger).

Date Place
2nd October 2018 (Where Colombo Bar)
6th November 2018 (Where Colombo Bar)
8th January 2019 (Where Colombo Bar)

Results of monthly collections

04.09.2018: The collection of money from charity boxes for the month of August was THB 13'000.-
(Note that 10 boxes have not been presented.)

Rawai Animal Lovers - Friday August 31st, 2018

Rawai Pool League donates pet food to help feed cats and dogs at Rawai Temple.

Based on a suggestions from a number of RPL members, today the Rawai Pool League donated 60KG of dry cat food to Rawai Animal Lovers group. Rawai Animal Lovers is a group of like-minded individuals who help care for and feed stray animals abandoned at Rawai Temple. Simone from Rawai Animal Lovers is pictured here accepting our donation.

If you would like to learn more about what Rawai Animal Lovers do, or to help feeding the animals, please contact Simone via their Facebook Group: Rawai Animal Lovers.

Rawai Pool League Donate Rawai Animal Lovers group

Yes School, Rawai - Friday August 24th, 2018

Rawai Pool League continues their support for the Yes School in Rawai with a donation of stationary and supplies.

Another day, another donation!

Today Rawai Pool League gave stationary and class materials (value approximately THB 8,000) to the Yes School in Rawai. RPL has donated multiple times to the school, located in the grounds of Yes Coffee Roasting, and we intend to donate a significant amount to a planned new classroom to be built in the coming months.

A big thanks to Pee Ding, Eric Colombo and Mark Laurence for their assistance.

Pictured: Richard Hearne (far left) and Mark Laurence (far right) for the Rawai Pool League with students and teachers from Yes School.

Rawai Pool League Donate school materials to Yes School, Rawai

Child Watch Phuket - Wednesday August 22nd, 2018

Rawai Pool League donates foodstuffs and supplies to Child Watch Phuket at their Kathu home for children.

Today we went shopping. Another tranche of the charity funds, which everyone in the league helped to raise, has gone to a good cause.

We delivered ~12,000 THB of food and goods - 48KG rice, noodles, chicken, fresh juice, nappies, milk powder, talc - to Child Watch Phuket in Kathu. This charity cares for 30 children during the day, 10 of which stay at the home 24/7. Those 10 kids were there when I made delivery.

Pictured: Richard Hearne (RPL), Khun Noi (far right, Child Watch Phuket), Some of the kids they care for, and another member of staff at the Kathu home.

Rawai Pool League supporting Child Watch Phuket

The Good Shepherd School, Phuket Town - Thursday August 9th, 2018

Rawai Pool League donates a new freezer to The Good Shepherd School, Phuket Town.

The League donated a new freezer to The Good Shepherd School in Phuket Town. The backstory to this donation is a member of Phuket GOMS asked Mark Laurence if he knew anyone with an unneeded used freezer. The school's freezer had recently died, and they needed some way to keep food fresh.

Pee Ding (Pitabar), Mark Laurence (Islander Bar) and I went to the school yesterday and met with Sister Lukana Sukhsuchit who gave us a tour of the school and explained the work they do there. We all agreed that the school was a worthy cause for our funds, and afterwards we went to order the new freezer which was delivered today.

Pictured are some of the school students, the school's cook, Sister Lakana, and our RPL model representative Mark Laurence. This is the first donation (value THB 11,000) made so far from the funds we collected last season, and the Committee are working to donate more of our funds to other worthy causes in the coming weeks.

Rawai Pool League supporting Good Shepherd Phuket

THB 129,000 Raised for Charity - Sunday July 15th, 2018

The committee is delighted to announce that the total collected for charitable causes through RPL donation boxes is THB 129,000.

This season (season 13) we placed collection boxes in each bar participating in the Rawai Pool League. Over 44 weeks of play we collected an amazing THB 129,000 which we will donate to worthy causes here in Rawai and Phuket. A massive thank you to all of you generous donors and bar owners.

We intend continuing our sponsorship of the the Yes School in Rawai and the Autistic Syndrome Center in Kathu.

Since our charity fund is significantly higher than last season, we would like to new charities and good causes. We gladly accept proposals from players and others associated with the League.

Rawai Pool League supporting the Autistic Syndrome Center, Kathu

THB 37,032 Donated to 2 Great Causes - Monday August 21st, 2017

The committee completed the disbursement of funds collected during Season 12 to the Yes School in Rawai and the Autistic Syndrome Center in Kathu. The total amount donated to these 2 causes is THB 37,032.

The RPL purchased 48 uniforms for the pupils at The Yes School in Rawai. This school is run by Christian missionaries, and provides education to migrant children who would otherwise not receive an education via the traditional school system. The total cost of the uniforms was THB 21,880. This is their very first uniform, and the kids were really happy to receive something which most of us would take for granted.

Members of the league also traveled to the Autistic Syndrome Center in Kathu to donate goods worth THB 15,152.

Pictured: (top) Riky Filippi, Eric Colombo and Andre Gysin of the Rawai Pool League with children and staff at the Autistic Syndrome Center, (bottom) Kelly Jig O'Brien, Eric Colombo and Andre Gysin of Rawai Pool League with children at the Yes School.

Rawai Pool League supporting the Autistic Syndrome Center, Kathu
Rawai Pool League supporting the Yes School in Rawai

School Supplies Donated to Yes School, Rawai - Sunday July 12th

The committee today delivered school supplies to the Yes School in Rawai. This is the first time the Rawai Pool League has supported local causes, and we hope to continue this tradition over time in order to help the community many of us call "home".

Video (Dutch) by our Belgian friend Rik Meuleman. Watch on YouTube

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