14.09.2018: The management and players of the Rawai Pool League are deeply saddened by the death of our friend Kevin Bayard died after a motorcycle accident.
On Monday, September 17th, a meeting in memory of Kevin was held at his restaurant the Black Bull to Rawai. See photos.

28.02.2018: You can see which players are qualified for the play off. (click here or menu: "Other" Play off Qualifications.)

06.01.2018: Juicy Bar closed the doors and will no longer play in the league. Pita Bar B will now take their place. All games that Juicy Bar would have played will be played now at Laguna Plaza 1 at Pita Bar.

06.08.2017: It was with deep regret and sadness that one of our players died. Chris Hill, English man, player and captain of Masaya Bar.
On Monday, August 14th, a meeting in memory of Chris was held at the Massaya Bar. See photos.

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