08.11.2021: Registration meeting for the season 18

Venue: Islander Bar @ 19:00

  1. President: Richard Valentine. Meet and greet new and old teams.
  2. Treasurer: Eric Colombo collects contributions from new teams
    1. City Bar Slickers
    2. City Bar Ladies
    3. Deco-Stop Bar
    4. Happy Bar
    5. The Pirates Skulls
    6. The Pirates Bones
    7. Black Sheep
  3. Manager: Ding Pitabar Accounts summary for seasons 16 and 17.
  4. Charity Organizer: Kelly Jig O'brien
    Charity boxes will be provided to existing bars and all new bars before the start of the season. A new venue will be announced shortly to bring your Charity boxes on a bi-monthly basis.
  5. Existing bars voted for all new bars to vote for new rule changes. Outcome 8-3 For.
    1. Vote for WPA Rules. Outcome 11-6 For.
    2. Players cannot mark the table with the tip of the cue. Outcome 6-2 For.
    3. Rule change cannot be voted as it contradicts the new international rules. Outcome Void.
  6. Date for new 18th Season : 22/11/2021 @ 18:30 until the restrictions get better. Then we will revert to 20:00.
  7. Proposal for new tournament throughout season 18. It will be called The Samy Gheraz Cup. In honour of the founder of the RPL in its 10th anniversary. I will post the rules and schedule of the tournament after all bars are made. Please watch this space and thank you for your support in helping the community.

Best regards
The RPL Committee

02.08.2021: The management and players of the Rawai Pool League are deeply saddened by our friend Shoe Van Hoorde, owner of the Pat's Cafe, passed away on Monday 2nd August to Rawai after a long illness.

08.02.2021: The management and players of the Rawai Pool League are deeply saddened by our friend Rod Dodge Hughes, owner of the White Hart Inn, passed away on Monday 8th February to Rawai after a short illness.

21.06.2019: Registration meeting for the season 16

It has been decided:

  • Season 16 will feature 21 teams, exact division of the division to be confirmed;
  • Only minor changes to the training rules and the removal of the quota of Thai players per team;
  • New sponsors, sponsor offers and free quick-drying jerseys for all players;
  • Minimum expenses for visiting teams will increase to THB 1,200;
  • End of Season 15 Awards Night at Moonlight Bar.

14.09.2018: The management and players of the Rawai Pool League are deeply saddened by the death of our friend Kevin Bayard died after a motorcycle accident.
On Monday, September 17th, a meeting in memory of Kevin was held at his restaurant the Black Bull to Rawai. See photos.

28.02.2018: You can see which players are qualified for the play off. (click here or menu: "Other" Play off Qualifications.)

06.01.2018: Juicy Bar closed the doors and will no longer play in the league. Pita Bar B will now take their place. All games that Juicy Bar would have played will be played now at Laguna Plaza 1 at Pita Bar.

06.08.2017: It was with deep regret and sadness that one of our players died. Chris Hill, English man, player and captain of Masaya Bar.
On Monday, August 14th, a meeting in memory of Chris was held at the Massaya Bar. See photos.

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